With over 110 years experience in the Philippine business scene, the AmCham offers its members an array of services and activities:



why join amcham 01AmCham is host to a series of meetings throughout the year:

  • Monthly General Membership Luncheon Meeting (GMLM) featuring prominent guest speakers such as the Senior members of the diplomatic corps, members of the Philippine cabinet and high ranking government officials and other prominent CEOs from various sectors of industry
  • Committee meetings covering various industry sectors to meet your company’s specific needs
  • Annual General Meeting and Election of Officers
  • Annual Honor Your Secretary Day – honoring secretaries of member companies
  • Business Orientation Program – wherein AmCham selects outstanding students from leading universities to qualify for a one week immersion program that provides them opportunities to interact with multinational companies in different sectors of business and industry



Business Activities

why join amcham 03The U.S. Ambassador is the Honorary Chairman of AmCham Philippines, and U.S. Embassy personnel are active AmCham committee members and contributors to the AmCham BUSINESS JOURNAL magazine. AMCHAM maintains close ties with the U.S. Embassy and with government officials in Washington, D.C.

AmCham, moreover, sends its “Doorknock” Team to lobby U.S. political leaders in Washington, D.C. every year. AmCham continually briefs Washington policymakers on developments in the Philippine market, and encourages improvement of US-RP trade relations.




why join amcham 01The chamber organizes everything, including a ‘faculty’ comprised of American business leaders who really know the Philippines. They’ll provide their insights, and answer any questions on current issues. The chamber arranges everything. The meeting room, meals, panelists, and a moderator to keep the discussions flowing smoothly. So the next time you have guests and colleagues visiting the Philippines, why not consider an AmCham briefing for their benefit?




why join amcham 02AmCham serves as a reliable source of information in providing members with publications free of charge:

AmCham BUSINESS Journal: A monthly general business magazine, circulated to members locally and world-wide, containing specific information, updates and current trends pertaining to various business and industry sectors in the Philippines. A section is dedicated to current government, legislative and advocacy, as well as analysis and comments on business practices, pertinent issues, and corporate social responsibility.

AmCham Directory: An annual comprehensive listing of AmCham individual members and companies, including contact information, type of business, and the services/products they offer. One copy of this publication is available free of charge exclusively to members and advertisers.

AmCham Website/Weblinks: The website contains information about international business, updates and current issues, information on trade opportunities and other business-related data within the Philippines, as well as information on the Chamber – its 14 working committees, 6 sub-committees, special interest groups, activities, and affiliates.



AmCham e-Bulletin

A bi-monthly e-newsletter sent to all members which features, among others, government policies, a listing of events of interest, a classified section for members to post notices pertaining to trade and/or employment opportunities, and other pertinent information deemed to be helpful to our members. We are currently in the process of improving not only the visual presentation of the newsletter, but also hoping to make it more relevant to members needs and thus more attractive to potential advertisers.



Centennial Book

why join amcham 04“Spanning the Decades (1902-2002)” This book is a celebration of a century of US Philippine relations, and a glimpse of the Chamber’s participation in this shared history. With over one hundred period photographs (some never before published), it describes the unrequited “Love Hate” relationship – from US colonization to globalization; from the eager embrace of American education to the American cultural influences on art, music, sport, literature, theater and even the franchise frenzy of fast food; how the US community grew with the nation – from territory to colony to commonwealth, through - WWII to independence; the excesses of Marcos martial law, people power revolts and coup attempts.




The chamber affiliates include the American Desk at the Board of Investments, the AmCham Foundation (the social outreach arm of the Chamber), and the Filipino-American Memorial Endowment, Inc. (F.A.M.E.) – an organization dedicated to the preservation of WWII memorials in the Philippines.



Social Activities

AmCham is not just an organization. Its social and networking events feature prominently in the Philippines social calendar and give members’ families the chance to participate in our organization.

why join amcham 05Major events include:
  • Thanksgiving Ball/Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Awards
  • Breakfast briefings for New AmCham members
  • Golf Tournaments
  • Annual “Honor Your Secretary’s Day”
  • Networking Nights
  • Business Orientation Program
  • Networking events (with Foreign Chambers as co-organizers)



Charitable Activities

charity 2AmCham member companies have proven their worth to the local community time and again by showcasing their corporate responsibility. In terms of gaining the respect of our host country, the benefits of participating in AmCham-sponsored programs are immeasurable and rewarding.




Corporate responsibility is a cornerstone of AmCham’s activities, and we provide members companies the opportunity to present themselves to the Filipino public in the best possible light by advertising at and participating in our high-profile charity events. Our various social events present opportunities to market your products and services to AmCham’s influential membership. Finally, our publications reach a wide readership, covering members, media representative, government officials and members of the diplomatic corps both here and abroad.




why join amcham 06With 14 committees, 6 sub-committees and 2 special interest groups, in addition to the social and charitable functions outlined above, AmCham offers an easy-to-enter social and professional network. AmCham Philippines has few rivals, for there is no better way for a newcomer to the Philippines to hit the ground running than to join AmCham. And with one in every three of our members being an executive at the vice president level or higher, you will be mixing with top decision makers from the world’s top multinational companies, as well as highly-placed local executives and entrepreneurs.




why join amcham 07AmCham Philippines - Visayas Chapter is a member of the Chamber of Commerce of the United States (COCUSA) and the Asia-Pacific Council of American Chambers of Commerce (APCAC). Among its membership are some of the most important companies and prominent figures in the Philippines, American and multinational business communities. By joining AmCham, YOU are placing yourself at the top.