1. All members agree to fully support AmCham Philippines in achieving its aim as laid out in its mission statement: “The Chamber exists to serve the interests of U.S. businesses through the participation of members in promoting their long-term objectives, while contributing to the civic and economic development of the Philippines.”
  2. All members agree to fully abide by the Chamber’s Articles of Association, which can be consulted on the AmCham Website or the offices of the Chamber.
  3. Applications for membership must be fully completed, (and shall be transmitted to the Membership Department of the Chamber) which will decide upon the admission of members to the Association. If the application is approved, the applicant shall become an official member upon receipt of full payment of the membership dues.
  4. Membership will be renewed on a yearly basis until explicitly cancelled. If a member wishes to resign, a formal written notice must be provided by post, fax, or e-mail indicating the reason for resignation. Deadline for cancellation must be sent within a minimum of two (2) months before the end of the membership cycle.
  5. In no event will any resignation or exclusion of any member entitle such member to any assets of the Association nor to any refund of dues already paid.
  6. Any member whose membership fees remain unpaid for a period of sixty (60) days, after receipt of reminder from the Chamber, will be deemed to have resigned his membership but will remain liable for payment of existing dues.
  7. Membership shall expire automatically upon the liquidation or bankruptcy of a member, which is a legal entity, or upon the death of an individual member.
  8. A member can be expelled if any member’s actions are incompatible with the aims and objectives of the Association or if any member’s behavior negatively affects the existence and integrity of the Chamber. Members are expected to pledge under the Integrity Initiative. (Click here to download the Integrity Pledge).
  9. The membership of a company entitles every employee of that specific legal entity to make use of the services offered to members.
  10. Information collected on firm member companies and other US companies will be added to the AmCham Philippines Database and will be used as per the Chamber’s Privacy Policy, which can be consulted on the AmCham Philippines Website or at the offices of the Chamber.