john domingo

John F. Domingo
Retired US Consular Agent
Amcham Cebu Past President

"The creation of the Amcham Cebu Chapter was initiated by AmCham Makati Executive Director Marsh Thomson in 1987.  It was organized by a couple of Americans who permanently resided and did business in Cebu.  Officers from AmCham Makati regularly met these influential businessmen to develop and promote the Chamber's goal and purpose.  To mention a few, these organizers who volunteered to serve Amcham were the late Darrell Conine, Danny Moraza, Knox Booth, Danilo Deen and John Domingo.”



Leslie Ann Murray
Amcham Publications
Consultant / Editor

"In 1987-1988 there was an officer named Donald M. Moraza who served on the Amcham Phils' Board as Vice-President (Cebu).  He was from Pillsbury-Mindanao Flour Milling Co, Inc. and a member of Amcham Phils.  The main office was in Cebu, with a Makati branch - probably the reason why he became the VP (Cebu).  Then, in 1988-1989, Darrell Conine was named Vice-President (Cebu), until 1990-1991.”


Note: The Cebu Chapter was chartered on December 8, 1988. 

So, when the Cebu Chapter Board was first formed (1988-1989), Darrell Conine was sitting as President. A full board of 11 members (following the Articles & By-Laws of Amcham Phils) was then formed (1989-1990) and the first official election (for 6 Board members) was done on September 28, 1990.



Jeff Minnick
Lexmark R&D Corp. Director R&D
Amcham Visayas Past President

After 30 years being known as AmCham Cebu Chapter, the organization was re-branded to Amcham Visayas Chapter in 2017. Headed by then Chapter President Jeff Minnick of Lexmark R&D, the formal launch was done on November 25, 2017 at the Marco Polo Plaza Cebu.



Amcham Pres, ExecDir, Pioneers


Member Companies with Loyalty Awards

The occasion also honoured the dedicated efforts of the pioneering gentlemen who were members of its first Board of Directors, as well as thirteen member companies who have remained loyal to the organization by its continued membership.

  1. ACCRALaw Offices represented by Atty. Danilo R. Deen, Partner
  2. Cebu Plaza Hotel, now Marco Polo Plaza Cebu represented by: Mr. Brian Connelly, General Manager
  3. Christine Lingerie Mfg., Inc., now Christine International Phils., Inc. represented by: Mr. Richard C. Uysiuseng, EVP&CEO
  4. Eddie's Log Cabin, now Beverly Boutique Hotel represented by: Ms Alice Woolbright-Fernandez, General Manager
  5. Maitland-Smtih Ltd., now Heritage Home Group Cebu, Inc. represented by: Mr. Jeffrey Alan Bougher, General Manager
  6. Marine Colloids Phils., Inc., now FMC Phils., Inc. represented by: Ms. Rowena Maningo, Plant Manager
  7. National Semiconductor (HK) Distribution Ltd, now Fairchild Semiconductor Phils., Inc. represented by: Mr. Yongsuk Kwon, Managing Director
  8. Norkis Group of Companies represented by Mr. Norberto Quisumbing Jr., Chairman
  9. Pacific Traders & Mfg. Corp. represented by: Mr. Charles M. Streegan, President
  10. Product Equipment Resources & Trading (PERT) Inc. represented by: Mr. Jun Alcantara, President
  11. San Miguel Corporation represented by: Ms Girlie Garces, Corporate Communications
  12. Sycip, Salazar, Hernandez & Gatmaitan Law Office represented by: Atty Thad Alvizo, Partner
  13. TMX Phils., Inc. represented by: Mr. Santhana Krishnan Vaidiswaran, President & GM

Today, Amcham Visayas Chapter continues to expand its reach to the other island cities in the Visayas with members from Bohol, Tacloban, and Iloilo.